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Ronald N. Tan is a Los Angeles and San Francisco photographer specializing in men's fashion and portraiture.

My journey as a photographer is a transformative experience resulting in a strong sense of purpose and dedication to men's fashion and portraiture. After coming out at the age of 25 in 2006, I discovered my innate visual talents lying dormant. This realization is the catalyst for my career and I have since devoted myself wholeheartedly to photography.
My photography style celebrates the allure of men's fashion—showcasing the unique, striking, and evocatively elusive beauty of the male form. I specialize in capturing the raw, bold, and confident masculine energy while balancing with the refined elegance and sensuality of male bodies and faces.
I have developed a strong reputation for my exceptional work with male models, as a respected and trustworthy photographer with unwavering integrity. Having worked with major men's modeling agencies across San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, I have built a reputation for consistently delivering stunning images that captivate the imagination. My work has been featured in numerous publications, further cementing my status as a respected and accomplished photographer.
I approach every project with a deep sense of commitment and dedication, always striving for excellence. My ability to genuinely connect with my subjects, making them feel comfortable in front of the camera is what sets me apart from my peers.
Beyond photography, I find great joy in exploring and learning about cultural anthropology of India, with laser-focused interests in Burmese, Indian, and Persian cuisines. These experiences broaden my perspective, inspiring my creativity and culinary processes, and allow me to see the world in new and exciting ways.
"Tentanda incognita"—Latin for "unknown things must be tried," encapsulates my philosophy of taking calculated risks and embracing new opportunities to achieve my goals. I firmly believe that this approach is vital for personal and professional growth.
If you need a highly professional photographer who is dedicated, creative, and passionate about photography, contact me to learn more about my services and how I can help you capture the perfect image.
Client List
Horizon Barcelona
Vilain Garçon

City Models SF
Look Models SF
Ford Models SF
LA Models
NTA Life Models LA
i-Model And Talent LA
Wilhelmina Models LA
VUE Model Management LA
Bleu Model Management LA
Click Model Management LA
Next Model Management LA
Vision Model Management LA
Ford Models Miami
Wilhelmina Models Miami
Next Model Management Miami
Red Model Management NYC
Mint Model Management NYC
Silver Model Management NYC
Major Model Management NYC
Renegade Model Management NYC

Fehl Cannon
Ilsi Medearis, DVM
Dianne Flaherty

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